Continuous climb of prices in Solomon Islands is forcing people to look at alternative measures to survive.

"We are not just talking about food but just about anything with a price tag continues to soar in price, making life so difficult," said a shopkeeper, Sam Afina.

Mr. Afina said the "very expensive" life in the Solomons has forced people to "go back to the basics" of growing gardens of potatoes, cabbage and other crops and vegetables.

He said that this helps to cut back on the cost of buying rice and tinned goods that is "unbearably high".

"While we look at the negative impact, the high cost of living has forced our people to go back to how we started and in a way, it's a healthy lifestyle that we are going back to," he added, referring to the change of diet.

For most, eating rice is now a luxury, as one bag of 20kg now costs more than two hundred dollars.

"We will continue to face price increase, so the best way is to create means to survive instead of grumbling and doing nothing," Mr. Afina said.

He said that growing families should also consider the years ahead and plan well instead of victimising young children due to adult ignorance.