Three Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) members working in the National Response Department within the Force have received certificates as qualified armorers.

The three officers in February completed the required written, oral and practical examination to assess their competency. The process was delivered by NIOA PTY Ltd, Australia's largest privately-owned supplier of small arms.

“Today we have witnessed three officers who had undergone Glock Armourer course training in Australia early this year (2018), become the first qualified armourers for the new RSIPF," says Commissioner of Police, Mr. Matthew Varley. 

“In recognition of the achievement you three officers displayed, you are awarded with a certificate internationally recognised, to maintain and repair all Glock firearms in the RSIPF possession. The certificates is valid for three years and before expiry, you are required to update the model changes and reassess competency,” says Commissioner Varley.

He adds: “I am pleased with the result that you have set with 80% pass mark for written and 90% for oral and practical examinations. The achievement was verified by Glock Asia Hong Kong to which you are now certified. Congratulate officers for the achievement.”


Source: Royal Solomon Islands Police