The many talents in Solomon Islands continue to shine both in country and to overseas visiting friends.

Among the skilled locals is Julius Ninipua from Marau sound in the eastern part of Guadalcanal Province.

Catching up with him at his street stall, Solomon Times questioned him on his attractive shell-making business.

"I started making shells for business in 1996 and my main target are the tourists who come into the country," Mr. Ninipua said.

On the process, he explained that the turtle shells, once grinded, are boiled in hot water and later shined to be cut into different shapes.

"My income depends on how many tourists pass by and in a good day, I earn more than a thousand Solomon dollars," Mr. Ninipua said.

In terms of skills obtained, the Marau talent said he did not attend any training but "I use my imagination and creativity".

"What I earn from what I create goes to meet our children's school fees and our daily needs," he said.

Asked on what he likes to refer to himself as in his business, Mr. Ninipua responded with a smile, "Well, people here call us shell makers but tourists call us Solomon Islands jewelry makers."