Local environmental firm Pacific Horizons has confirmed completing an interim report on the Gold Ridge cyanide spill.

A spokesperson for the company, Robson Hevalao, says the company made an interim report and presented their preliminary findings to land owners and representatives. Mr Hevalao says that the report focused on the potential impact on human lives and the environment if there truly was a cyanide spill.

Mr Hevalao says that the initial advice given to villagers of Kolobisi and Metapono living downstream is to take immediate safety precautions and not to use the water downstream for consumption purposes.

The independent environmental auditors state that could not delve into details of the report as they are only commissioned to report to the downstream associations of Kolobisi Tailings Dam Association and Metapono Downstream Association.

However sources close to the team state that the interim report has sought approval from landowners and relevant government agencies to do further investigations into what it describes as "a potentially lethal situation that could threaten human lives."