More farmers are flocking the Guadalcanal Province (GP) Agriculture Division to seek advice on the Economic Stimulus Package.

GP’s Agriculture Chief Project Officer Mr Joseph Wotomaroi says a lot of the farmers are asking for project application forms.

"The office is not giving out any project forms to the farmers for the stimulus package and nor are we engaged in the process of the stimulus package”, Wotomaroi says.

He says the Guadalcanal province agriculture office will only assist farmers in certain requirements needed to fulfil the criteria in the applications.

"We only assist them in their proposal and mainly on issues like projection cash flow. We know most local farmers do not know how to create such documents.

“Also, and most importantly, we provide farmers with official confirmation letter since we work with farmers around Guadalcanal province," Wotomaroi explained.

Mr Wotomaroi advised farmers on Guadalcanal that the Agriculture department is willing to help them only with their proposal.

The Government’s Chief of Staff Mr Robson Djokovic confirmed during a recent talk back show hosted by the SIBC that the deadline for applications has been extended for rural farmers.

He says that the extension will be for around two weeks.