A sum of SBD$63 million plus is locked and ready to go with six (6) local construction companies, who were awarded the tender to construct three (3) new Area Health Centres (AHCs) and three (3) Rural Health Clinics (RHC).

These categories of health facilities including the services that comes along with it, will not be in the capital, Honiara, neither the provincial capitals, but right down to where more than 80 percent of our population resides, the rural communities, as per the Ministry of Health’s National Role Delineation Policy.

Breakdown of the facilities by location & company to construct is as follows;

Area Health Centres (AHC):

1. Wagina (AHC) in Choiseul Province – A.E Sons General Construction and Maintenance Ltd.
2. Tukutaunga (AHC) in Temotu Province – AJ Enterprise Ltd.
3. Konide (AHC) in Isabel Province – SSS Construction Ltd

Rural Health Clinics:

1. Gounataea (RHC) in Malaita Province – F.T Builders
2. Leona (RHC) in Western Provicen – Aspire Engineering & Construction Ltd.
3. Dedeu (RHC) Isabel Province – RSF Construction

It is not a new initiative, but part and parcel of the overall ongoing commitment of the Ministry to achieve Universal Health Coverage where every single Solomon Islander across our isles can easily access quality health care service and equally important, access it without any financial difficulties.

During the signing of construction contracts with the construction companies, Health Permanent Secretary Mrs Pauline McNeil, with great excitement congratulated the companies for winning the bids.

“Congratulations indeed to you all for winning the bids to undertake this important task. It has been a long process that involves careful examination of all applications and with the oversight of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury to ensure all requirements are met, we are pleased to finally gather here to sign off on these contracts with you”, said Mrs. McNeil.

She highlighted to the managing directors of all the companies present for the signing that the outcome of their work will also have bearing on the level of quality health care provided to the people therefore it is critical that all the deliverables stipulated in the contract are to be fulfilled and satisfied.

Speaking on behalf of the companies, Mr. Aaron Ofata’a, Managing Director for A.E Sons General Construction and maintenance company, thanked the Ministry of Health and Finance for the trust and informed that they are also aware of the importance of the projects to the health and lives of the people.

“We will work to the best of our ability and ensure that we deliver what is required of us in the contract”, said Mr. Ofata’a.

This year the Ministry of Health also opened the Aola and Avuavu area health centres in Guadalcanal province and more recently the Afio Area Health Center in South Malaita.

Work on Manuopo Area Health Centre in Temotu Province is nearing completion and scheduled for opening soon.

Source: MHMS Media