The Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade will establish phone lines to enable members of the public to enquire if their online/email submissions for the LMU recruitment drive is received by the office.

This action will be taken as a measure to ensure public trust in the two modes of submission for this round of the LMU Work Ready Pool recruitment drive.

For this round of recruitment, MFAET has embarked on two modes of submissions, one is through an online link where applications can access here:

Through this link, applicants can fill in their details, upload their documents and click submit after all required details and documents are met. For the email submissions, applications can attach all their documents and send it to this email address,

The two phone numbers will be launched today to allow those who have applied to check whether their names have appeared in the LMU database during the first week of recruitment.

For those who have submitted online, the number to call is 7797111. For email submissions, the number is 7797110.

The Solomon Islands Support Service under the Pasifiki Recruitment Agent will answer calls for Online Submissions, while the LMU Office will look after email submissions.

As of Friday (3rd March 2023) a total of 6055 applications have been received by the Labour Mobility Unit. 4,600 email submissions and 1,455 online applications.

The current recruitment drive will close on Friday (10th March 2023) and members of the public interested to be part of LMU Work Read Pool are encouraged to apply before the due date.

Source: MFAET Press Release