The Livestock Department within the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) remain committed to its responsibilities as it continue to provide Livestock and Veterinary services to livestock farmers in the country.

On 19th and 22nd January 2021, MAL livestock officers visited a breeder piggery farmer at White River in Honiara and performed four successful castrations on male piglets.

Castration is the procedure of removing the testicles of male animals.
Reasons for castration is to;

• Prevents male animals from acquiring undesirable sexual traits.
• Aids in growth and fattening.
• Improves quality of meat.
• Prevents undesirable breeding.
• Makes the animal easier to handle.

The team also used the opportunity and provided the piggery farmer with free advisory services.

Principal Livestock Officer (PLO), Max Maetoloa Lazarus said injection to manage external parasite on sows (adult young female pigs) was also performed.

Mr. Lazarus said the undertaking is part of the ongoing activities of the Ministry (MAL), Livestock Department to support animal farmers with veterinary services such as treatments, castrations, feed formulation and other general livestock advisory.

Source: MAL Media