Media officer for Live and Learn Forestry Centre in Solomon Islands, Charles Stennett says the attempt to export the hardwood tree, known in Isabel as "tubi", as round logs shows a lack of respect for government laws.

Mr Stennett says tubi trees are a restricted species in the country under current legislation, they can be milled but not exported as round logs.

He says the exportation of tubi trees as round logs shows ignorance and a no care attitude from land owners and some government officials for the rule of law.

Mr Stennett says that it is suspicious why some government officers have allowed documents to be passed through the system for cutting and exportation of tubi as round log.

He says the tubi tree is an endemic species in the Solomon Islands and plays an important role to the livelihood of many people especially in the rural areas.

Mr Stennett made this comment after government authorities have warned a logging company which was found to have filled several containers with tubi logs for export.