Ms Liloqula has called on Ms Kauhue to reveal all that was discussed during the meeting with the Governor General so that the public could judge for themselves on the issues discussed.

"I was called at the same time that Ms Kauhue was called to attend to the meeting, believing that it was a chance for the three of us to discuss with Sir Nathaniel and his wife to address some priority issues of women in Solomon Islands," she said.

She said Ms Kauhue's claim that the meeting was a plan between the Office of the Prime Minister and the Governor General to intimidate her from freedom of speech is incorrect and an ill-informed assumption.

Meanwhile, Ms Liloqula said her response to Ms Kauhue is to correct the misinformation that she advanced in the media and not an expression of personal resentment.

She said it is not a good initiative for senior women in the country to hurt each other instead of uniting to enhance the interests of women.

"Women advancing public attacks on other women on personal grounds will certainly paint a negative image on us," she said. "It certainly show how divided we are and that will threaten our good intentions to advance the interest of women in the country."