Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has used his address to the UN General Assembly to call on developed nations to do more to tackle climate change.

Mr Lilo said he joins other small island states in repeating that climate change was an urgent and irreversible threat to humanity.

"Solomon Islands is deeply troubled by the current low ambition level pledged by developed countries," he said.

"There is a discrepancy between what has been pledged and what is necessary to stabilise temperature increase."

Mr Lilo said he deeply regretted that some countries have opted out of the Kyoto Protocol or refused to make a second commitment.

He also used his speech to stress the important role women play in society, saying his government looked forward to working closely with Australia to improve gender equality.

Mr Lilo's comments came a day after Nauru's president, Sprent Dabwido, criticised global institutions like the United Nations over unfulfilled promises to act on climate change.

"Small islands may be the canary in the coal mines, but we are all staring a global catastrophe right in the face," Mr Dabwido told the assembly.

"Arctic sea ice dropped to its lowest extent in recorded history, shattering the previous record by a jaw-dropping 18 per cent."