Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo has refuted allegations by the Opposition Leader that he had influenced the outcome of the contracts for the cleaning of the airport.

This came after allegations by Derek Sikua that the Prime Minister was part of the controversial contract awards for the cleaning of the Honiara International Airport compound.

Dr Sikua says reports obtained by his office showed that the Prime Minister was influential in the contract award process thus resulting in the contracting of his close associates.

He says the action of the Prime Minister defeats the purpose of these contracts as explained by the Permanent Secretary for Aviation, Francis Lomo, where they were created to fulfill diversification.

The Opposition Leader said the contracting of the airport cleaning jobs is a waste of tax payers' money as it would be cost-effective for the government to recruit gardeners and cleaners under the Public Service to maintain the airport surroundings.

But in a statement, Prime Minister Lilo says he had no role in the awards of contracts as the ministry does not come under his portfolio.

Mr Lilo says he would not respond to fabrications and urged the Opposition Leader to provide evidence that he has influenced the awards.

He says Dr Sikua has been telling lies and his latest accusation is a classic example adding to his growing "menu of lies".

Mr Lilo says he would not waste his time to make comments on baseless allegations and will leave it to the appropriate ministry to respond.