Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Hon. Gordon Darcy Lilo returned yesterday after participating at the recent Pacific Islands Development Forum in Fiji with the aim to promote sustainable development for the country.

Mr Lilo described the Forum as very successful because it included a wider representation from government leaders, civil society groups, private sector, donor partners and most importantly non-traditional partners in the region.

The main agenda of the Forum is to pave a way for another opening of the sustainable development discourse within the region along the path of green growth.

“This agenda is vital to enable countries get a right tune in our own context or other relevant issues that we need to pursue under the paradigm of sustainable development,” Mr Lilo explained.

He further explained that under the green growth agenda, sustainable development refers to striking a balance between environmental development, economic development, social development as well as political commitment.

“This balance is vital so that we can have an absolute certainty that we must have in our island nation the whole agenda of sustainable development as one that cannot be questioned as part of our national development strategy,” Mr Lilo said.

During last week’s meeting, Mr Lilo also shared with delegates his views on sustainable development which he believed has to transcend politics and budgetary requirements of respective countries.

He explained that the Forum is currently working together with a Core Economic Working Group and other donors to develop a multi-budget framework which is well ahead in terms of establishing parameters of ensuring sustainable development.

The Prime Minister said the Forum has identified five sectors including mining, forestry, tourism, agriculture and certain industries which can be captured in the green growth concept for further development in the region.
“I think these are very important sectors we can capture in here and in a way encapsulate in the areas of renewable energy, water and having to build a sustainable development plan that can go a long way to prove a successful one in the islands,” Mr Lilo said.

Prime Minister Lilo said the government will continue to support the green growth concept which is the only way forward for sustainable development in Solomon Islands. 


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit