The former Minister for Finance, Gordon Darcy Lilo, denies being the man behind the current political upheaval in the country.

Mr. Lilo made the denial following Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare's nation-wide address in which he accused the former Finance Minister of misleading a number of government ministers and backbenchers to switch loyalty to the opposition camp.

Mr. Sogavare said that Mr. Lilo had made the moves against his government following his sacking.

The former Finance Minister was accused of rallying support to conceal a cover-up for misappropriation of millions of dollars of public funds.

But Mr. Lilo, in response, denied accusations leveled against him, instead stating that the Prime Minister was merely trying to find credible reasons to secure his position.

He told the national broadcaster, SIBC, that the former government ministers and backbenchers defected at their own free will, and that Prime Minister Sogavare was making lame excuses to hang on to power.

Mr. Lilo said that most who changed sides from the Sogavare-led government could not continue under the leadership of one who, he alleged, was dictating everyone on what to do.

He said that Mr. Sogavare has no one to blame but himself for his leadership style.