At the close of nominations yesterday two former Prime Ministers will be contesting the two seats up for by-election.

The by-elections were made necessary after both MPs, John Moffat Fugui and Jamie Vokia, lost their seats after being found guilty of bribing voters.

Gordon Darcy Lilo will be contesting the Central Honiara seat while Dr Derek Sikua will be contesting a seat he previously held, North East Guadalcanal.

Lilo served as Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands from 16 November 2011 to 9 December 2014. He was the MP for Gizo Kolombangara from 2001-2014.

Dr Sikua served as Prime Minister of Solomon Islands from 20 December 2007 to 25 August 2010. He was the MP for North East Guadalcanal from 2006-2019.

Total list of candidates for both constituencies as follows;

Central Honiara Constituency

1. Alfred Efona - Solomon Islands United Party
2. Joseph Douglas - Independent
3. Rose Annie Anilabata - Independent
4. Michael Tofu Saru - Independent
5. Gordon Darcy Lilo - Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement
6. Pauline Radoe Firisua - Independent
7. Frank Aote'e - People First Party
8. Frank Sade Bilaupaine - Independent
9. Barnabas Bosokuru Henson - Independent
10. Jennifer Fugui – Independent

North East Guadalcanal Constituency

1. Derek David Sikua - Solomon Islands Democratic Party
2. Ethel Lency - Independent
3. Brally Jim Tavalia - Solomon Islands United Party
4. Desmond Nimepo Norua – Independent

The above list is still subjected to candidate’s withdrawal. The last date for candidate’s withdrawal will be on Friday, 9th October 2020.

The order in which the names appear is according to the order in which the nominations are received and does not reflect the order in which they will appear on the actual ballot paper on polling day.

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