The wife of late Charles Maefai has won the East Makira Constituency seat following Wednesday's bye-election.

Lilly Maefai becomes the third female MP in the current house following her huge win.

Final results as declared by the returning officer are as follows;

Lilly Maefai polled 3371
Former MP Alfred Ghiro 1196
Rose Murray 644
Tiks Tauni 590
Martin Karani 466
Thomas Bea 309
Casper Tai 269
Steven Piringisau 227
Henry Quasiki 181.

The seat became vacant following the death of late Maefai in July after his election in April.

Mrs Maefae who comes from Ngongosila Island in East Malaita, was a former worker at Solomon Star before she and her late husband started their own printing company about 10 years ago.

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