There are those critical of the costs associated with the planned lockdown, and perhaps in this time of financial difficulties there are merits to such argument.

But these are not normal times, the world is facing one of its greatest threats, a threat to humanity, in the form of a virus – COVID-19 and its deadly variant, Delta. We must do our part to protect ourselves, our families, and the country as a whole.

The old adage “if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail” rings true in these trying times. The cost of failure is unimaginable, it will not be just in monetary terms, but the lives of our people are at stake.

The oversight committee, during its weekly public forum on Sunday, made it clear that the costs associated with the planned lockdown is marginal compared to the cost of an actual lockdown – should the need arise. Having a simulated lockdown prepares us for the worst, only by testing our systems and operational procedures will we know where to improve on, and make appropriate adjustments – perhaps cost savings as well.

Let us work together and prepare, appreciate what the government is doing in its attempt to protect its citizens. Even the wealthiest of countries have problems controlling the virus, we have an opportunity to prepare – which is a blessing.


The following are important information related to the planned lockdown;

• The lockdown is only for the Declared Emergency Zone from Alligator Creek (east of Honiara) to Poha (west of Honiara).

• Primary aim of the simulated lockdown is to test and assess the response capabilities of frontline agencies whom we trust to protect us from the deadly corona virus delta variant strain.

• This lockdown will put to test health scenarios such as contact tracing in the event of a surge in cases in the city of Honiara and Guadalcanal Province. This will prepare our frontline agencies to relook into their Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s).

• The lockdown is a simulation in nature but there are real consequences for those that breach the rules.

• The role National Disaster Operation Sector Committees played during a lockdown period is important and it will be put to test again after its revision since last year.

Security arrangements as follows;

• The RSIPF will engage 500 of its officers for the Lockdown operation.

• There will be ten (10) check points step up in strategic locations with the Emergency Zone.

• There will be six (6) Compliance (Patrol) Teams to ensure the order is enforced.

• Only people that are exempted are allowed to move around during the Lockdown.

Let us get behind the government and support the lockdown, there is a time for everything, now is the time to prepare.

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