The current water problem faced by Honiara township is the responsibility of every line ministry and organisation and cannot be entirely blamed on the Solomon Islands Water Authority alone.

Speaking to SIBC News, SIWA's technical officer, Marista Kapini clarifies that SIWA accepts responsibility to the current water problem in town "only to a certain extent."

The technical officer stated that other line Ministries such as Lands, Mines, Environment and the Honiara City Council are equally responsible for the on going water problems experienced in Honiara.

Mrs. Kapini says that SIWA directs much of its resources in fighting harmful bacteria using chlorine, an important role that keeps "our water safe."

She explains that SIWA's area of influence is often limited to fighting micro-organisms which in itself is a huge and sometimes difficult undertaking.

Mrs. Kapini says other issues that contribute directly to water shortage in Honiara are outside SIWA's mandate. This includes, but not limited to, squatter settlements, illegal tapping of water, and the general wear and tear of equipments.

Mrs. Kapini says that all major stakeholders should look at the issue holistically and find a solution instead of just putting the blame on SIWA.