Japanese language classes in Honiara have been quite an experience for the participants, giving them a chance to learn a whole new language and understand a whole new culture.

Solomon Times spoke to James Billy who is one of the 20 something keen participants attending the Japanese language class.

James Billy from the Lord Howe Islands, is also a student at the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education (SICHE).

James Billy told Solomon Times that he was keen to take up the Japanese language classes when he saw the advertisement in the local papers.

"I had never done something like this before and to me this has been an opportunity I could never miss. It's also a chance to learn another culture other than the Solomon Islands one. I have always been fascinated with Japanese and I am excited just knowing that I can say a few things in the language," continues James Billy.

Learning a new language is always difficult and for the Japanese language, James Billy also states the same.

"To pronounce something in Japanese is quite difficult for me. Their vowels are also different from my language but although I am finding it abit difficult to grasp, it is quite fascinating. It is exciting to learn something new each time," continues James Billy.

James Billy also stated that learning Japanese could also give them a chance to be interpreters when the Japanese tourists visit our country.

Popular Solomon Islands expatriate architect, Mr. Don Boykin is also a student at the Japanese language class and for the other students; this has been an interesting ride.

Certificates of completion will also be offered when the course ends in three months time.