The Leadership Code Commission has fined former Prime Minister Danny Philip SBD$4,000 after finding him guilty of misconduct in office.

This followed an investigation into Mr Philip's conduct when he was Prime Minister, in deciding to sell a government quarter at Tandai to his political supporter and MP for West Honiara Namson Tran.

The Leadership Code Commission states it had found that the actions of Mr Philip as Prime Minister, when he approved a direct sale of the property to his political supporter, "as a serious conflict of interest."

In imposing the fine, the commission says it took into account mitigating factors.

It however stated that the misconduct was serious as it was committed when Mr Philip was holding the highest political position in the country, that of the Prime Minister.

Allegations of misconduct in office against West Honiara MP Mr Tran and Commissioner of Lands Silver Dunge relating to the same issue were earlier dismissed by the Leadership Code Commission for insufficient evidence.

The maximum penalty the Commission can impose is a fine of SBD$5,000.