The Sikua-led government should do more improvements in Solomon Islands to satisfy the people, especially the grassroots citizens.

Speaking on behalf of the grassroots people, Mr. Moses Aru Graciano said that the government should now think seriously about the ones who are unemployed.

"The government should do something to engage the unemployed youths of the country, and to help improve the economy side," said Mr. Graciano.

He said that in engaging youths, who make a large majority in the country, will help keep them from causing problems.

"They are frustrated young people who have needs and wants like everybody else, and the government needs to recognise that."

Mr. Graciano recalled on the past April riot 2006 that involved a large number of youths as an example of how the young crowd "will go for anything that will give meet their needs and wants"

He said that it is time for the veteran members of Parliament to retire because "they are making no difference for our people and country".

Mr. Graciano told Solomon Times that the grassroots people of Solomon Islands also want the government to improve economy corruption.

"By improving economy corruption, the government will have the money or funds to help the grassroots people, and also engage the uneducated youths to activities that will keep them from trouble," said Mr. Graciano.

He said that changes coming from members elected to represent the majority in Parliament would help address social issues affecting the nation.

"National leaders elected to the big house should not waste their time arguing but think about what is best for the nation and its citizens," Mr. Graciano said.

He said that the government is the one representing the people, "so they should now listen to the voice of the people for the future of this nation".