A prominent Honiara based lawyer says the Leadership Code Commission (LCC) has the power to investigate members of parliament who switched sides frequently during the recent political wrangling.

The lawyer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, says according to section 94 of the constitution MPs can be investigated for "destroying their integrity as leaders."

The lawyer says MPs who often switch sides between government and opposition "can be investigated as their frequent movements could amount to malpractice."

He says the MPs can be investigated if there has been a reported case of bribery involved in their movements from one camp to another.

The lawyer says alleged bribery can be in any form, which could include paying up his bill in a hotel room.

He says the only office that can investigate leaders involved in such alleged mal-practices is the Leadership Code Commission (LCC).

When SIBC contacted the Chairman of the Leadership Code Commission (LCC), Emmanuel Kouhota, he declined to comment on the matter because his term as chairman has lapsed.