Re-elected MP for the Savo-Russells constituency, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has defended his triumphant return to politics amidst allegations he was not eligible to contest last week's bye-election.

Speaking to the media yesterday afternoon, Sir Allan says before his election nomination was lodged, he consulted his lawyers who had advised him that, "he was qualified to contest the bye-election."

He says the Returning Officer subsequently accepted his nomination.

Sir Allan says a letter from the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Sir Peter Kenilorea, which claimed he was not qualified to contest, came seven days before the actual bye-election.

He says although he decided to leave the matter for the Courts, he received a letter from the Returning Officer saying that he is qualified to contest the bye election.

Sir Allan says he is happy to serve again as member for Savo-Russells - a seat he left vacant when he went to prison.

He says any legal questions rising from his nomination to contest the bye-election will be left to the courts to deal with.