Hundreds of people witnessed the official launching of the World Heritage project at Lake Tegano, East Rennell Island, Rennell and Bellona Province.

The launching ceremony took place at Lake Tegano village last Friday.

The European Union is funding the project at the cost of more than 900 thousand dollars.

More than 300 thousand dollars of the funds have already been released to support the initial part of the project.

Live and Learn Environmental Education, a non government organisation is carrying out implementation of the project.

The project is to build the capacity of the communities of East Rennell World Heritage site to manage their forests and natural resources at sustainable level.

The development is to improve life in the communities through education, training and other capacity building programmes.

Representatives from the European Union, the Ministry of Forestry, Renbel provincial government and East Rennell communities World Heritage Trust Board and other non government organisations took part in the ceremony.

Traditional dancing and a feast were held to mark the launching of the event.

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