The Central Provincial government has been given fourteen clear days by the landowners of the Maleali water source.

The landowners stated that if they are not given the money by the given deadline they will have little choice but to close the Maleali water source.

"We have had enough with broken promises" stated a frustrated land owner. "We have been promised payments since 1998, that's almost nine years we have been waiting".

The Central Provincial government has asked for the landowners to be patient as it is a long process. "We are trying our very best to address the issue" stated the Central Provincial Premier Charles Kunu. "These things take time and I appeal for their understanding"

Close to four thousand people will be affected should the landowners choose to stand by their deadline. "We just hope they sort this out, I am most concerned for our schools and clinics" stated a concerned Tulagi resident.

It is not yet known the amount demanded by the landowners but sources within the administration say it is quite a "significant amount".