A Consultation Workshop on Solomon Islands National Land Use Policy was told that “effective land use planning is critical” for Solomon Islands.

Director of Planning in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, Titus Sura warned that the country can expect adverse effects on its future development if no sound land use policy is in place.

Mr Sura said unsustainable development, natural resource degradation, increased food insecurity, loss of opportunities for productive development and income generation, loss and destruction of expensive infrastructure, increase natural resources and land conflicts have the potential to damage the livelihoods of Solomon Islanders.

The Director also said planning must be based on an effective and rigorous assessment of land based on vegetation resources and it must also guide the country’s development aspirations.

“It must guide our developments, help our town and village communities adapt to climate change, improve their agricultural production, chart their future development directions and ensure that our infrastructure is built in the correct location,” Mr Sura said.

Mr Sura also noted that a proper land use policy also has the potential to limit many of the land use conflicts we experience in the country.

The National Land Rural Use Policy will commit the government to adopting and implementing a systematic and rigorous land use planning process throughout Solomon Islands when it is developed and agreed to by the Solomon Islands Cabinet.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit