Consultant to the Customary Land Reform Unit, Andrew Nori, has said he does not want to see any Malaitan leave his land because of dispute and unhappiness.

Speaking at the opening of the land reform seminar for leaders in the Northern region of Malaita at Maluu yesterday, Nori stated that the people need joy, sense of unity and cooperation in the island of Malaita.

Mr Nori stated that what is started at the seminar will create a new movement in Solomon Islands adding that it will enable people to go back to their roots, their heritage and to the land where God had given to their ancestors.

He said the seminar should enable the leaders to have new ideas on how to look at their land and whether it is for arguing over or for sustaining their lives.

Meanwhile, in the keynote address, the Premier for Malaita Province, Edwin Suibaea said the conference is one of the most important conferences held at Maluu since the arrival of the gospel 117 years ago on the 14th July 1894".

Premier Suibaea said Malaita had the human and land resource capacity to development, but development cannot happen because of the locked land resources.

He said the government is now addressing the 85 percent of customary land in the country.

Mr. Suibaea said to date that only 15 percent of land in the country contributed to the national economy. He added that the Land Reform Programme is the dawn of a new day and the beginning of a new chapter.

More than 100 chiefs from Baegu Asifola, Lau Baelelea, and To'abaita are attending the three-day seminar that started yesterday.