Bad weather currently experienced in Solomon Islands has been linked to "La Nina".

The Meteorological Service in Honiara reports that the atmospheric situation will see heavy rain in the next two months.

Whilst La Nina is not associated with cyclones, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

The Mets Service says the country is in a cyclonic season, which is from November to April.

Heavy rains and mild landslides in some parts of Honiara along with fallen trees on the roads signals to the general public a possible cyclone.

"This is not like normal rainy weather that is usually experienced at the end of every end," one observer commented to Solomon Times.

Nature aside, public transport businesses are also hard hit over the past days.

Solomon Times learnt of frustrations from buses on the road who are getting less customers as people tend to prefer being indoors.

"Some only want a cab to go from place to place as it is too wet and muddy everywhere," one bus driver comments.

Other bus drivers approached voiced similar comments, stating the bad weather has taken a bad toll on their daily income.

A worker of the Solomon Islands Plantation Limited in East Guadalcanal revealed to Solomon Times that the bad weather pattern has caused damage to some parts of their area.

"There is a big flood at the SIPL area, with waters rising to the windows of houses in the compound," he said.

Solomon Times was informed that the flood has made it very difficult for public transport to reach their area to take people down to Honiara town.