The National Futsal Team went down fighting against Asian powerhouse Iran in their final match at the Alfateh Intercontinental Futsal Championship in Libya.

The Iranians had obviously studied Kurukuru's game and relied on counter attacks and set plays to catch the youngsters. Their strategy worked well and they comfortably won by 6 goals to nil.

Kurukuru was in control in the first three minutes of the game carefully guarding its possession and looking for a way in. Micah Lea'alafa almost scored quite early in the game but his shot went just wide.

In the 4th minute Iran used a set play to go 1 ahead in the tussle. This was followed by another good chance for Solomon Islands but the attempt was off by a whisker.

In the 8th minute Iran used another set play to go 2 - 0 ahead of Solomon Islands who struggled to find a way in through the Iranian defensive blockade. The lead was then extended to 3 - 0 by the Iranians 2 minutes later.

Kurukuru regrouped and started making advances on the Iranian lines but Iran had a world class keeper who was on top of his games and he repeatedly denied the Islands Boys.

Just before half-time Iran scored again and were ahead by a comfortable 4 - 0 margin. However, each of the goals that they scored did not come easy as the Kurukuru were also strong in defence as they were in attack.

Kurukuru fought strongly when they came back in for the second half and kept the Iranians at bay in the process. Repeated attacks from Solomon Islands were repelled by the strong Iranian side. Kurukuru used its pace and skill to good effect and had the Iranians back peddling at some stages.

Again the experience of Kurukuru's mighty opponent came in their favour and they managed to keep their score line secure. In the third quarter of the game Iran score 2 goals in quick succession to put themselves at the unreachable position of 6 goals to nil.

It was a good and well deserved win for the Asian champions who stuck to their games plan to the end and it paid for them. Nevertheless, the young Kurukuru side won the heart of the crowd who had grown fond of the minnows from the exotic pacific.