Kurukuru's Coach Victor Wai'ia informed Solomon Times that Elliot Lilo Ragomo's recovery is progressing well.

He said that the Kurukuru team captain is doing bike exercises and leg extension in the Hotel Gym.

"Elliot is being taken care of by our Assistant Coach, Dickson Kadau. We expect him to go under light training in two days time," says Coach Wai'ia.

Mr. Wai'ia added that his Team mates still feel confident despite their captain's injury and absence from their intensive trainings.

"We have only nine days to go before the World Cup starts, and we believe that he should be fully recovered before then," says Coach Wai'ia.

With regards to the rest of the Kurukuru team, Coach Wai'ia stated that their concentration on preparing for the World Cup is quite good.

"Besides progressing very well, they are also getting climatized to the weather of Brazil," says the coach.