In a celebrity send off yesterday, the first leg of the Kurukuru journey to the Futsal FIFA World Cup began.

Prior to the ultimate showdown of their lifetime, there will be a month of training camp in both Australia and Brazil, before their games in October.

Dickson Kadau, the Kurukuru's Assistant Coach stated that the boys are quite confident following their preparation for the World Cup.

"There is a need of great support for the boys from all Solomon Islanders as we are not going as individuals but rather as ambassadors of our country. We continue to ask for everyone's support," says Mr. Kadau.

The team consists of very young players who began playing at the age of twelve and according to Coach Kadau, it is quite challenging to face up to high ranked players, however the team moral is quite high which is a good sign.

Kurukuru player, Moffat Sikwa'ae although the games will be challenging they will need to focus on their trainings prior to the games.

"We are excited and quite confident but we need to focus on our trainings," continues Moffat.