With the Kurukuru boys back in the country, majority of the citizens are so proud having them as sports ambassadors of Solomon Islands and having inspired many fans in Brasilia.

In a random street interview, Marshall Ini from Isabel province stated that with youngsters aged only 18 and below, "their performance at World Cup level was outstanding."

He added that these are young players who, in four years time will still be the best players because they have a wealth of hands-on experience at a young age setting a record that's stamped in local history.

Danny Philip from Temotu Province stated that with the experience the boys had gone through, "it will be only luck from other Oceania countries to beat them".

"Our boys have faced the challenge of World Cup pressure and it is a great learning experience for them," Mr. Philip said.

Agreeing on public support for the Kurukuru boys, Francis Bugotu said that even though they lost on their pool matches, majority of supporters are proud to have them representing Solomon Islands.

He adds that although the boys lost their games in the opening playoffs, "they are young yet tough on the inside to play the world's experienced futsal players."

A female fan Primula Kingmele stated that no one dreamed Solomon Islands' flag would be flying high in a world cup tournament.

"Ten years ago, who would have thought our flag would fly high in the world cup stages of Futsal?"

Ms. Kingmele said that in itself is an experience most Solomon Islanders will never forget.

Solomon Times understands that the Kurukuru boys will be parading in the streets of Honiara.