KOSSA, not wanting to use the weather as an excuse, flew out of the country four days ahead of the match. This would give the players four days to acclimatize to the weather conditions in Auckland.

KOSSA management do not want to fall into the same trap as the Waitakere team when they failed to handle the weather in Honiara. "We are trying to be professional and deal with the external factors and avoid having to make excuses latter," stated the KOSSA Captain Gideon Omokirio. The question now is whether four days is enough for the boys..

It will be an uphill battle for Waitakere to defend against the combinations of Naka, Luwi and Reginald. The three have combined well to form a lethal combination and are expected to perform to their best once again in Auckland come Sunday 2 pm.
Many who watched the first leg were surprised at how Waitakere performed stating that is KOSSA can play like they did in Lawson Tama Japan is not that far off.