The Solomon Islands Central Honiara Constituency in partnership with JED ENTERPRISE LTD and Abraham Eke and family have successfully upgraded the Kombivatu road, from the Island Bakery front to the Home Finance One housing estate.

The constituency funded the upgrade work by utilizing its Constituency Development Fund (CDF) allocation for 2022.

Constituency Development Officer (CDO) Keyon Ronia said it is the continuous commitment of the constituency office under the leadership of Honourable Member of Parliament Alfred Efona to support development that can benefit everyone.

The road was in its worst state when MP Efona stepped in to fund the upgrade work.

“This road serves more than twenty homes in the surrounding suburban area combined, with more than 100 commuters using the road on a day to day basis.

"Homes within the Kombivatu area, have begun construction in the period between the late 2010, to 2012. Since then homes have continued on to be built within the area, but not much have been done to improve the road condition in that particular area."

“That is when MP Efona saw the community need and instructed me and our team to work on addressing the need for an upgrade on the road.”

Meanwhile, Hon. Efona highlighted that the area also reflects an urbanized setting, that comprises of executive homes, which on the outset reflects an urbanized look, that he hopes all other communities of Central Honiara Constituency can also aspire to build and establish within their communities.

He then thanked JED Enterprise Ltd and Abraham Eke and family for working together towards the road upgrade work which he believes will certainly benefit the Kombivatu community and the general public.

Other projects that the constituency continue to support include income generating projects, community infrastructure projects such as education, health facilities and community water and sanitation projects to name a few.

CHC is committed to its mandated responsibility and that is to serve its constituents.

CDF is a programme of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) and is implemented by the 50 constituencies in the country through the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) purposely to improve the social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.


Source: Ministry of Rural Development