The Acting Commissioner of Police, Walter Kola, was full of gratitude with the housing project donated by NZAID and RAMSI.

Mr. Walter Kola expressed his gratitude on behalf of the Solomon Islands Police Force (SIPF). He said that the government and people of New Zealand have given a most generous contribution to the development and advancement of the SIPF.

Mr. Kola points out that the provision of police housing is "a key element of the operational capability of the SIPF." Mr. Kola said that the "absence of suitable police housing for police has a direct impact on police morale and police operational capability."

Mr. Kola says that he appreciates the fact that key donor partners are responding to some of the immediate problems faced by the police force. He said that the Solomon Islands government and the SIPF are stretched with finance and are not in a position to address acute housing shortage faced by the police.

The Acting Commissioner stated that "the contribution made by RAMSI and NZAID marks a significant milestone in the relationship between RAMSI, NZAID and SIPF." Mr. Kola says that the executive and management of the police force will do all it can to ensure that the houses are properly managed and maintained.