The lads from Central Roviana gave Marist a run for their money ending the game with a 3 all draw.

Marist played the game with a huge dent on their pride, the supposedly number one club in the top league. Kokohale showed little respect for the Honiara champions by scoring three goals, two in the first half and one early in the second half.

Kokohale managed to hold on to the lead for a good sixty minute of the game. The occasion may have overwhelmed Kokohale, as they allowed Marist back into the game very late into the match. Two goals came courtesy of Benjamin Mela, who was in excellent form. Jack Samani saved Marist from a possible humiliating defeat by scoring the equalizer very close to full time.

Meanwhile another entertaining match between the Auki Kingz and the Avaiki Chiefs ended in a 2 all draw. After its huge humiliating defeat to Marist, the Avaiki Chiefs managed to put up a much better performance against Auki Kingz. Auki Kingz led 2 - 1 for most of the match, a third goal was disallowed by the referee after receiving advice from the assistant referee. Sensing a draw the Avaiki Chiefs pushed hard and were rewarded close to the end of the match with a goal.