Although Kobito settlement is in the suburbs of the capital Honiara, it is by no means part of the still developing city.

Located in the outskirts of the Naha residential areas, it is settled by people from various parts of Malaita as well as other Provinces.

With the rapid population increase, not only because of a high birth rate but also a flow in from the provinces of young people, basic amenities such as water and electricity are hardly available for most of the residents.

Because of these reasons, the people are fending for themselves just like they are still in their home villages on whichever island they hail from in the country.

For instance in terms of water, the people of Kobito access a flowing stream which is used by people who live beside it, both further up and further down from the ever expanding village.

Solomon Times was informed that the stream is used for swimming with men using the spots further up and women using the spots further down.

Interviewing two females who reside in the area, they said that life is quite hard with lack of basic amenities such as water but people are coping well.

One woman who requested to remain anonymous said that some years ago, the same stream that they are using to wash and drink is the very water that is being piped into a green tank built at the border bus stop above Kobito.

"It is quite surprising that although Kobito area is part of East Honiara city, we don't have access to piped water," she added.

In a visit to the area, most told Solomon Times that they have been calling on responsible authority for proper water system but no response to date.