The show grounds offer a huge variety for everyone including the little children.

In a visit to the National Trade and Cultural Show, Solomon Times caught up with young children enjoying the Kids Gym corner.

A huge crowd gathered just to watch the little children as they enjoyed their time at their gym.

Asking a young man what he thinks about the Kids Gym, Jimmy Bennett said that he loved watching the children playing in it.

He said that it was his first time to see such a thing and he loved standing there with his friends just to watch the children having a real good time.

Mr. Bennett added that people are curious because it is very different.

"We have seen slides, swings and other children's stuff at the Children's Park but this is very different and the first for Solomon Islanders to see and use such a thing," he added.

Mr. Bennett said that responsible authorities should take time to think of the children for the nation and consider setting up such things for the children.

"Not only is it good fun for them but it is also very safe," he said.