Police surveillance on East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea, has been ordered to stop.

Solomon Islands Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan, called on police to withdraw surveillance on Mr. Dausabea following his complaint claiming he was being harassed by officers.

The National Express reported Mr. Khan as stating that he did not authorize the National Investigations Unit (NIU) to carry out surveillance on the East Honiara MP.

"It appears that the NIU officers decided to go out and do their own thing," the National Express quotes the Commissioner of Police as stating.

But reliable sources had informed the National Express that the decision to undertake surveillance on Mr. Dausabea followed days of monitoring his movements and people he had contacted, along with reliable information received.

In a press conference, Mr. Dausabea had informed journalists that police were following him like a criminal.

Mr. Dausabea said that when approached, the officers told him that "... they received information from their special unit that I was planning another riot".

The East Honiara MP described the claims as "just unbelievable" and "untrue".

However, the Commissioner of Police in confirming having received the complaint denied the movement on Mr. Dausabea was a planned operation by the police officers.

Mr. Khan said what had taken place was "normal routine" taken by police intelligence unit to monitor the political situation within the country.