Four losing candidates in the recent Savo-Russell Constituency bye-election have asked the Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, not to allow winner of the election, Sir Allan Kemakeza, to take the Oath today when Parliament resumes.

The four losing candidates say Sir Allan is still disqualified though duly elected. The losing candidates say Sir Allan should not be allowed in the House while he is still serving a suspended sentence. They say the case simply calls for a fresh election now as originally necessitated when he vacated the seat.

The losing candidates say there is no need to challenge his election by petition, as it is simply a question of integrity, transparency and honesty. They say the support given to him by the voters does not override the Constitution.

Meanwhile, Speaker of Parliament, Sir Peter Kenilorea, has confirmed receiving the letter from the four losing candidates.

He says the four also told him that they were in the process of submitting a petition to the High Court tomorrow against the election of Sir Allan.

Sir Peter says it was wise to allow the appeal to proceed and allow the current normal dealings of members of Parliament being elected to proceed.

"In my official view, we should allow Sir Allan to take his Oath."