The defence team for Mark Kemakeza MP has completed its submission this morning, appealing to the court for leniency given that Mr Kemakeza had repaid the money.

Mr. Kemakeza's lawyer Myline Bird told the Court that the MP was remorseful and had repaid the SBD$280,000 dollars he had misused.

Mrs. Bird also urged the Court to take into consideration the delay for the case to come before the Courts, outstanding since 2007.

She says the four years of delay had caused a lot of stress, uncertainty and fear for Mr Kemakeza and his family members.

She says it is appropriate that a sentence of less than six months imprisonment be imposed so her client will have a second chance to prove himself worthy as a leader of a country.

But Prosecutor Rob Barry argued that the 280-thousand dollars was paid only a day after Mr Kemakeza was found guilty and convicted.

Mr Barry says this does not show true remorse and the Court should look for true remorse.

He says the case warrants a sentence of more than six months.

Principal Magistrate Shafi Khan adjourned the case for sentence at 3pm this afternoon.

Kemakeza was convicted of misusing SBD$280,000 of his constituency's fishing project funds in 2007.