"One eye set, another one to go", said Mr. Billy Bua.

Billy is in town on medical purposes.

As he gets much older, his eyesight is of course troubling him.

At 79 years of age, no one is taking care of him in town, but he does not seem to mind. He was in a jovial mood when spoken to.

A carpenter by profession, Billy's family live in Malaita.

In his frail condition, Billy would walk the streets to sell wood items as a way of earning money for his food and basic needs. And he seemed to love it.

"I live by myself at Kobito area for over a month now while I am getting my eye fixed. Life is a struggle for me since everyone is back home at Busurata village, " Billy said.

He said he usually buy left over wood from local timber yards.

He will create wooden spoons, coconut scrapers and other wood work materials to sell for his income.

With the high cost of living in the city, Billy wants both eyes fixed before he heads home to see his grandchildren.

"I really want to get both of my eyes fixed before I go home. Now I only see with one eye as the other is still blurry, " Billy said.

"The cost from here to my village is another issue. Today I am here to find ways I can sustain my stay in Honiara. I live day by day. So with what I have today I will spend on food and other needs to sustain my every day living in town", Billy further added.

He has four children but they all reside in Busurata in the central part of Malaita province.

His wife passed away 13 years ago.

Currently in the city, Billy is staying in one of his son's half complete vacant house as his son is currently in Malaita.

Asked if he is not scared to walk the streets amidst the corona scare, Billy said only God knows.

"If he calls me home, so be it. All in God's time", he said.