Leader of Opposition and MP for Aoke/LangaLanga, Hon. Matthew Wale reiterated the importance of reporting back to parliament on international affairs on behalf of our country.

"I had hoped Mr Speaker, that at the very least the Prime Minister would have reported back to parliament this morning on his engagement at the Pacific Islands Forum in Tuvalu", Hon. Wale stated.

"It is good practice that the PM and Ministers when engaging in international affairs on our behalf to report back to parliament" Hon. Wale continued. "I think we would encourage the Prime Minister to keep this practice going, it is a good practice so that not only the House, but the country is informed on issues discussed and positions taken by the government on our behalf."

Hon. Wale proceeded to also raise his dismay in the lack of reporting from the Ministry of Finance by saying, "I was also hoping this morning that there would've been a statement by the Minister of Finance on the state of government finances and the economy, our people are finding it very difficult to make ends meet, the economy is getting harder and much of it can be traced to the government cash flow situation."

Hon. Wale also stated, "I know two Supplementary Budget Bills are coming, but a statement today would've informed the House on the governments cash flow at the very least, this should've been given some thought and priority."

Source: National Parliament Office Media