Kastom Garden Association (KGA) is taking steps to assist their farmer members, all in an effort to bolster food security.

Since it's establishment, KGA has been supporting farmers with agriculture tips and supplies. At this time of the COVID-19 pandemic they are still supporting local farmers in the country.

Field Crop Technician Thecla Vapusy say their main aim and goals are to carry out training for local farmers. But this is slowly fading out due to the state of emergency imposed in the country.

“The COVID-19 threat has become a challenge since movement to communities and training for local farmers out in the provinces are on halt," she said.

She said KGA is re-strategizing how to get to the farmers. She said one of steps taken was to do a radio show every weekend.

“We start doing radio show every Saturday as a new approach because we don’t go out in the provinces to do training for local farmers. This will enable them to still stay updated and get tips on farming methods."

Vapusy said food security is now an issue.

“We see changes in people coming to see us at the office, seeking assistance on farming tips and even seeds to grow in their own garden. We assure the people that subsistence farming is a good practice now that people have time to grow their own crops and that it can keep everyone busy during this state of emergency", Vapusy said.

She said they have just started a promotion on food security last Saturday and they encourage every one to listen to their radio program and start practicing the farming methods explained in their program.

The Kastom Garden Association radio programs are broadcasted every Saturday 8pm through the national radio, SIBC.