In an effort to bolster small scale tourism operators, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided a short training course to the women of Kakabona, in West Honiara.

The Matanarah Women Association (MWA) successfully completed a two days workshop, facilitated by the Tourism Department under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and funded by the European Union micro project.

The Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, Mrs. Savita Nand, stated that the workshop was a request from the MWA, with a particular focus on the basic needs of tourism. "The training was tailored to meet the immediate needs of the had to be practical at their level," said Mrs. Nand. The course focused on environmental issues, food hygiene and sanitation.

Mrs. Nand also said that what was taught could easily be put into practice particularly for an area such as Kakabona. With its lush beaches and countless coconut trees, Kakabona has the potential to become a popular spot because of its accessibility - a 15 minute drive from Honiara Town.

More then 37 participants, all of whom are women, were presented with certificates at the closing of the course on Friday.