Hitting the beach is the most favorable activity for families, youth groups, church groups to get away from all the hustles and bustles in town.

One set-back however is the sting of the jelly fish which continuously attack beach goers who take a plunge into the sea.

"I am itching to death," complains Brock Aliga of Isabel Province who said that while he really enjoys being at the beach, "jelly fish bites is a real annoyance".

He said that this could be result of dirt from the sea.

"People want to enjoy themselves but these jelly fish are becoming an irritation," beach owner, Craig Wane said.

Asked what could be the possible cause, he said that "it could possibly be their season".

But a local nurse informed Solomon Times that the itch is from "foreign floating stuff in the sea that comes from old ship wrecks.

"We have patients coming in after a day at the beach complaining of itch and irritation so we give them medication for allergy," the nurse in charge explained.

Solomon Times was informed that the jelly fish bite is expected to end at the beginning of this month.