The Joint Civil Society (JCSG) is seeking permission from relevant authorities including the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to hold a public forum on the ‘Peoples Petition against Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo’ later this week.

Interim Chairman of the joint group, Mr Barnabas Henson, says pending
approval; the forum has been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

He says the public forum is aimed at giving an opportunity to the general public to express their views and opinions on the petition.

The content of the petition will be presented for comments by those in attendance, of which a good majority is based on past and present allegations against the Prime Minister.

The JCSG strongly reminded members of the public that the forum “is a peaceful and non-violent event and any acts of criminal nature will not be tolerated.”

It is not yet certain as to who the JCSG will present the petition to once it is finalized, although concerns have been raised as to whether it should be presented directly to the Prime Minister.

“It should be presented to relevant authorities, if it holds a good number of signatures than these authorities may be compelled to act,” stated one contributor at a recent discussion online.

"These are still allegations that need to be verified, investigated and if found to be true than there are established institutions and processes in place to handle the matter."