15 Japanese University Students are currently in the country to clean up Japanese war memorials around Guadalcanal.

Mr. Yamagata Masao, General Manager for Mendana Hotel mentioned that the Japanese Youth Mission Association (JYMA) will be visiting Japanese war monuments around the Eastern and Western parts of Guadalcanal Island.

According to Mr. Masao, the cleaning up of the war monument is done voluntarily by the students.

"We have veterans who often come to Solomon Islands however, most of the monuments are deteriorating, which is why the initiative came up for young Japanese to voluntarily clean the monuments," says Mr. Yamagata Masao.

He also stated that some communities have a careless attitude and often vandalize the monuments. According to him, there are plans to fence off all Japanese memorials, especially that of Mount Austin.

The Japanese volunteers are being funded by Major organizations in Japan to clean up the Japanese monuments until the 19th of September.

Currently there are 20 Japanese memorials in the country.