The recently detained Japanese longline vessel, FV Kinei Maru 118, was this week charged a fine of SI$2.1m for breaching its fishing license conditions.

The vessel was found to have transshipped at sea on two separate occasions and has failed to keep records and supply relevant information to the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources as required.

The fine was imposed by the Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Hon. Nollen Leni, following advice from the AG Chambers after considering an investigation report by Fisheries Enforcement and Compliance Officers, in collaboration with Police Officers from the Maritime Surveillance Centre.

FV Kinei Maru 118 is a long line fishing vessel belonging to the Japan Tuna Fisheries that has a valid license to fish in Solomon Islands Waters under a bilateral arrangement with the Solomon Islands Government.

In compounding the offence, Minister Leni warned that illegal fishing activities within Solomon Islands Waters will not be tolerated.

"Those engaged in such practices must be prepared to face the consequences accordingly," he warned.

Minister Leni reiterated that fishing activities within the Solomon Islands Waters are governed by the Fisheries Act, regulations and license conditions.

"It is the responsibility of license holders to familiarize themselves with these laws, as ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law," he said.

Minister Leni said his Ministry will continue to monitor all fishing activities within Solomon Islands Waters to ensure that fisheries laws are complied with.

"This incident should be seen as a warning to all other fishing vessels and vessel operators," Minister Leni concluded.

Press Release (Government Communication Unit)