Israel's 3rd Mission to Solomon Islands began yesterday, 24th August and will end on the 5th of September 2011.

The mission will focus on three [3] major areas in its current assistance to Solomon Islands in assisting Malaita Province with its Socio-economic development initiatives:

[1] To assist in the operation of the Malaita Chazon Authority [MCA] in enabling this Authority to implement all development aspiration of Malaita Province.

[2] Preparation of an energy program for the Province especially the new Israeli Solar dish to selected sites [Mini Industrial Parks] plus throughout all communities province wide.

[3] Begin the work on the designing of the selected sites for the Israel's assistance through "Mini Industrial Parks" as identified by the leaders of Malaita in November 2010 and during the previous mission in March 2011.

This week's mission is crucial as it will pave the way forward for the next mission in October/November 2011 and beyond.

The next phase will involve the actual construction to be lead by Malaita Chazon Authority [MCA] with Israel's support on the ground assisting regions of Malaita to develop their respective areas.

MASHAV [Israel's International Development Cooperation Agency] has approved TAG International Development a Jewish Agency to implement its assistance program here in Solomon Islands.

Leliana Firisua Honorary Consul of Israel in Solomon Islands confirmed that Israel is ready to assist immediately.

This mission will target East Malaita, North Malaita, Central Malaita and hopefully preliminary talks with the Southern region and the Malaita Outer Islands region.

The consulate office here in Honiara, Solomon Islands prepared the way in training two [2] Malaitan's recently to assist in managing the Malaita Chazon Authority [MCA], Mr. Patrick Taloboe and Mr. David Toifai whom are now located in Auki, in readiness for the implementation of the Malaita Economic Development Program.

"Let me on behalf of the Israel Government thank Solomon Islands Government[ NCRA Government] led by Hon. Prime Minister Danny Philip for their support towards this initiative undertaken by the people and the Province of Malaita led by Hon. Edwin Suibaea.

"We are thankful to the Provincial Assembly of the Province for passing the Malaita Chazon Authority [MCA] on Monday 22nd August 2011 in time for the work of this upcoming mission which begins tomorrow today,"

"It is through this Authority that Israel's assistance will be channeled in addressing the eight [8] socio-economic] areas identified in November 2010 and March 2011 during Israel's second mission in Solomon Islands," Mr Firisua said.

Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit